The North Somerset Stars is run by volunteers, all of whom have a love for basketball and want to help young people develop their game and build the character that it takes to be a great sportsman or woman.
Below is our current team of coaches and club officers.
We have plans for expansion and are always looking for volunteers. We will equip and train you for whatever level of involvement you can offer, from just helping with a few sessions as a volunteer to becoming a qualified coach.
We're also looking for help with the admin and the finances so, if that's your thing, we can definately find something for you to do. Please talk to one of the coaches if you think you might like to help in some way.

Gus Roach.
U16 team coach

I started playing basketball in the mid 90's on the outdoor courts in Backwell and very quickly became hooked.
This game has given me a huge amount over the last 20 years - structure, self discipline, physical fitness, travel and perhaps best of all - friendship.
It is my hope that we can help to bring similar positive experiences to as many young people in North Somerset as possible.

Mónika Molnár
Junior coach
Child Wlefare Officer

Basketball has always been a big part of my life.I started playing when I was 9 years old in a great youth program in MTK Budapest, Hungary. We won many Junior Championships along the years and I was selected on the Hungarian Junior National Team U12-U18. I was signed to play in Division 1 for a few years before changing careers, but I continued playing recreationally in the UK on regional and national level for another 10 years. My children got interested in basketball during our lockdown homeschooling PE lessons and later joined the NSS. I am currently working on my level 2 coaching qualification and assist practices for the U12 and U14 teams. I am also the club's nominated Child Welfare Officer, so should you have any quarries or concerns please feel free to contact me.

Clem Connor
U10 Coach

I’m our Under 10’s coach and really enjoy teaching the kids which are new to basketball and helping them learn the basic skills so they can have as much fun as possible during our sessions. It’s a great game to build confidence in young players and introduce them to team sports at an early age with the added bonus of playing indoors during those cold winter months! .

Mat Demers-King
U12 Lead coach

I grew up in Canada where Basketball was a very popular sport to play indoors during the long cold winters. It quickly became my favorite team sport and I played all through high school. I subsequently moved to the UK where I eventually lost touch with the game. Basketball was recently reintroduced into my life through my son who was keen to join the North Somerset Stars Under 12s team. It seems a lot more hard work than 20 years ago but it is great fun and I am happy to be playing Basketball once again!

Dean Young
U12 Coach

I started playing basketball when I was 13. Having dyspraxia made other sports difficult for me as a child and basketball just worked for me and allowed me to progress.
While growing up there really were not many basketball clubs or sessions around and when there were they were often too far away. I really want to teach the skills and knowledge of the game to anyone that wants to learn so that the sport can grow and help many more like it did me.

Matt Regan
U12 Coach

I’ve played basketball since I was 8 years old and spent most of my teenage years playing and watching it at every opportunity. I have played for teams in Surrey and Bristol, but following various age-related injuries, I now enjoy helping the younger players learn the fundamentals of the game, develop their skills and grow in confidence. My boys play in the under 10's and 12’s who I am hoping will live out my NBA dream!

Kie Booth
U12 Coach

I’ve been playing basketball since the age of 14 years and have always loved the game. I’ve been coaching for our local sports centre for the last 2 years and enjoy seeing the opportunities and satisfaction it gives the children, as they strive to improve week on week. I also enjoy watching the sport and am regularly attending the Bristol Flyers matches. I look forward to have the opportunity to coach new players with North Somerset Stars.

Jez Heber
Treasurer and erstwhile coach

Having failed at most team sports as a kid, I was delighted to discover, at 14, that I could enjoy a measure of success at basketball.
I played at school and then college but later had to drop it entirely when my family and business grew.
I started playing again 8 years ago and haven't looked back. I can talk for hours about why it's such a great sport and I'm keen to help kids who were in the same position as me to find that elusive enjoyment and success in sport.